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Albariño Spritzer Recipe

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This easy drinking summer cooler is our spin on an Albariño Spritzer. The ultimate refreshing cooler to drink along side a cheeseboard with friends.

The zesty notes in the Albariño compliment the savory flavours in the basil and freshness of the mint that creates a beautifully balanced tipple. Makes 5-6 spritzers per Albariño bottle.

Lets get mixin'!


You will need:

• 150mls of The Hunting Lodge Seasonal Albariño (normal pour of wine)

• Ice (Roughly 1 cup)

• 3 sprigs of basil (slightly crushed)

• 3 sprigs of mint (slightly crushed)

• 60mls of lemon lime & basil cordial

• Soda water


Step 1: Fill a tall glass with ice and add Albariño, cordial, basil, and mint.

Step 2: Top off with soda water and stir.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Screenshot me for later!

Show us how you style your Albariño Spritzer!

The Hunting Lodge

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