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Pete Turner, our Wine Maker

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Peter Turner
Peter Turner

"Concentration, complexity and balance, of course - but where the end of the glass is more interesting than the start, and you want another- I think this is the most important part." - Pete

We like to call Pete our magician crossed with an artist and then crossed with a scientist. His passion for the wine he produces is something extraordinary, and we're proud that he represents The Hunting Lodge.

Pete first fell in love with wine while working ski seasons in France after finishing University. After 5 years, his liver told him it was time to to head home to the motherland. Kiwi at heart, Pete then completed his Viti and Oenology qualification at Lincoln University.

Pete has no single philosophy that he brings to his wine making except that they should all be expressive and interesting, but never too challenging. He believes pushing the boundaries for an alternative spin is what makes wine making so intriguing. Flickering between showcasing the very best of a sense of terrior and pushing the boundaries for an alternative spin, he believes that this is what makes wine making so intriguing.

Today, The Hunting Lodge wines are making an undoubtable mark on the New Zealand wine scene – Cheers Pete!


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