2018 Waimauku Homeblock ‘Liberated’ Sauvignon Blanc


Free from the interfering hands and clinical minds of commercial winemaking comes a wine that speaks with its own voice.

Given only oak as a platform, then left entirely to its own accord, this wine exudes pure terroir, but beyond the vineyard and into the winery where no intervention means that no single fermentation character is suppressed in favour of only popular ones. The result is a symphony of fruit, savoury and mineral notes which starts with a roar taking you to uncharted Sauvignon Blanc territory. Think more Burgundy!

Struck match, lemongrass and grilled nectarine greet you before unleashing a mouth-filling banquet of grapefruit, green mango and dried rosemary. Racy acidity provides tension to the palate and gives this wine an edge while lees aging in French Oak adds a creaminess in texture, hints of vanilla and roasted hazelnut. 

A wine that is free in spirit and epitomises the sense of liberation felt by a winemaker when they are permitted to throw off the shackles of commercialism, give a nod of respect to nature and the history of winemaking, and basically have a little fun! 

Click here for full technical tasting notes. 


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