July Hunter's Deal - Bundle B (Sauv Blanc + Marsanne-Viognier)

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We've been on the hunt and are serving up a great deal this month - get a classic fave as well as something a little bit different but amazingly delicious. All with super reviews and at a super price (just $35 with your mailing list code).    

Our promise - while you may be a little hesitant about spending your hard earned cash on wines you're not that familiar with, we've got their back.  And yours.  Try the Albarino or Marsanne-Viognier, and if you're not loving it, we'll replace it with a white wine of your choice. What's to lose?

For more info, check out the individual product pages for the wine description and review ratings: Sauvignon Blanc 2016Marsanne Viognier 2016Pinot Gris 2016 and Albarino 2016

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