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Project X & Chardy Jack

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

wine bottle
wine bottle

Pete and the Wine Making Team certainly aren’t shy of taking on a challenge, and they like to have a bit of fun while doing so. At The Hunting Lodge, we refuse to to accept that the best and most intriguing wine might already exist, and so, the Project X range was born.

Our 2019 Orange Wine, or “The Natural Hipster”, was the first of the Project X range. Hand-picked from our own vineyard in Waimauku, Auckland, this Sauvignon Blanc was fermented on skins for a unique richness and expression of terrior.

For you, Project X might mean discovering something new and unique. Never bound by tradition, this is a range that truly represents the innovative wine making spirit of New Zealand.

Chardy Jack - Bourbon Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

red wine

Pete found inspiration for Chardy Jack while enjoying a beer (perhaps more than one) with West Auckland neighbours and good friends, Liberty Brewing Co.

When Jo offered Pete some Bourbon barrels to play around with, the brain pistons began firing and the idea of creating a Bourbon barrel fermented Chardonnay was born. He wanted to give a slight nod to the big, buttery Chards of California but that’s not really our thing, especially at The Hunting Lodge.

"What evolved is classic Hawkes Bay Chardonnay with subtle influences from the

Bourbon infused American oak while retaining the elegance and restraint of New Zealand Cool Climate Chardonnay." - Pete Turner (Chief Winemaker)

This Chardonnay gives a nod to all things Stars N Stripes. Chardy Jack is not shy on flavour or mouthfeel. Lively on the palate yet sippin’ smooth, this is the Cadillac of Chardonnays.

wine note
bottle of red wine

Photography series by Finlay Woods.

Stay tuned for what's coming next...

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